The Rides

The Rides

Readers of Changing Gears will witness a transformation in 2018 as it becomes a tale of two seasons (years). 

The 2017 season was really about riding for riding’s sake, and the blog, which was created several months into the year, was essentially a journal.  My 2017 blogging efforts were also intended to provide an introduction to the experience of blogging and an evaluation period to see if I enjoyed it.

Since the riding was all about seeing if I would like it as much as I had years ago, I participated in several different types.  While I did confined my riding activities to paved surfaces, there ARE several categories of street riding.  So I participated in a good selection of those to see what I enjoyed most.  True dirt bike riding, which I thoroughly enjoyed in the past, was not really practical due to my age and its physically demanding nature.

With each type of ride falling into one of multiple primary categories, it was only logical that the blog’s postings would be categorize similarly.  In the end, rides were flagged as one of 3 primary categories.  Additionally, each ride was also flagged as being included in a supplemental sub-category.  However, for description purposes, I decided that would only lead to unnecessary complexity and confusion.  So you will, for instance, see both rallies and certificate rides within the long distance category.  While their objectives are different, they ARE both long distance rides and the procedures involved are quite similar. 

The 3 primary posting categories, and links to detailed descriptions of each, are:

The 2018 riding season will see both similarities and differences.  I will participate in a couple of Long Distance Rides and many Local Group Rides.  Those rides will represent the similarities.  The differences will be seen in the Rides of Discovery.  2017 has shown me that this is the category of ride that I most want to focus on expanding.  Therefore, I will be taking more, and more ambitious, rides of this nature in 2018 and beyond. 

Ride Media

Photography and videography is another activity which will take on new significance in 2018. 

Videography, at least videography produced by me, will all but disappear.  Eddie, one of my local group organizers, graciously allows me to include his videos in my posts.  So, HE, will likely be the primary video contributor in 2018. 

Photography, which went from non-existent to supplemental in 2017, will join touring as a primary focus.  More images will be included in each post, going forward, as the blog takes on more of a magazine look and feel.  However, more than that, quality landscape and location photography will be an objective.  To support and present this photographic effort, I have created a Changing Gears Photography website.  The images included on that site will represent the best results achieved up to that time.  So, as my efforts improve, the images included will change and be better quality.  The Changing Gears Photography website will also categorize images by genre rather than the ride during which they were captured.

As I suggested earlier, the new focus on touring and photography will support my effort to make my blog posts resemble motorcycle touring magazine articles.  Successfully implementing a change of this magnitude will most certainly be a challenge.  A challenge I’m excited to take on.