Motorcycle Travel & Photography

“Changing Gears – motorcycle adventures throughout North America – producing portfolio quality landscape images – and share the process and experience”
Changing Gears consists of 3 parts:

This Blog 

The Changing Gears Blog is the primary element of Changing Gears.  All activities of Changing Gears will be represented here in posts and the posts here will contain links to all other forms of related content.

YouTube Channel

Some of the travel and most of the photography post-processing will be presented in video form.  Changing Gears Videos are hosted on YouTube and embedded with the blog posts.  The videos can be seen as a library on the Changing Gears YouTube Channel.

Facebook Group

Changing Gears has a private Facebook group.   It is the partner group for the Changing Gears Blog.  Membership currently consisting of a very small group of local, experienced riders who enjoy bigger adventures and travel well together.  However, as Changing Gears evolves and grows, the group may begin to open up and offer trips and photo workshops.