The Void 12 Rally (Hurricane – Irma)

The Void 12 Rally (Hurricane – Irma)

As anyone who has participated in motorcycle rallies will tell you; rain seems to enjoy the events as much as, if not more than, the riders.  If you would like documented evidence, you can do a quick search on YouTube for Iron Butt Rally videos.  More likely than not you will see a video which documents a saturated experience. 

Not to be outdone by its more famous cousin, The Void Rally has apparently decided to up the ante.  This year’s Void 12 will be the second consecutive event which has accompanied a hurricane.  Last year’s Void 11 rally was run during the actual hours that Hurricane Matthew made it way up the coast.  A quick read of the rider reports from The Void 11 provides a good understanding that The Void  took a frequently rain soaked event to a whole new level.  A quick review of The Void 11 results shows how difficult rallying in a hurricane is.  The riders who participate in these events are very familiar with adverse conditions and have learned how to succeed in spite of them.

Fortunately, this year’s Void 12 will begin the Friday after the hurricane.  So, opposite of last year’s event, this year the conditions should be improving as the rally progresses.  Based on current forecasts, the riders who are starting in TN will be riding through the tropical storm remnants of Hurricane Irma on their way to the start location.  It is still uncertain what the GA starters will experience but, since several of them are probably from Florida, they will have been dealing with Irma while they were making their preparations for departure.

Initial forecasts indicated that the Cat 5 storm, with 185 mph winds, would rake the majority of the east coast.  So concerns about keeping my rally book dry gave way to concerns about losing everything I own.  As the hours passed, however, the storm has moved more to the west and my concerns changed to the safety and well being of others.  Here in Jacksonville, FL, we will get some significant effects, but we are now unlikely to get anything life threatening or destructive to structures.  Certainly hoping that the beach dunes, which were restored following Matthew last year, hold up and prevent any more homes on A1A from being undermined. 

With a little bit of luck, Irma may have completely dissipated prior to the beginning of The Void 12.  One can certainly hope.  If not, however, the rally masters may need to start thinking about a name change.  Makes me wonder what a good name would be for a high pressure event conducted in low pressure atmospheric conditions.

You can see what Irma looks like along the intra-coastal waterway in Ponte Vedra Beach by viewing the images in the photo album linked below.  Once things pick up, and following the storm, I will try to upload some video to my YouTube Channel.

Good Luck everyone.  Stay and Ride Safe.


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