The Void 12 Rally (Bike Prep – Lighting)

The Void 12 Rally (Bike Prep – Lighting)

Motorcycle Rallies and IBA Certificate Rides frequently involve a significant amount of night riding on roads of all types.  Night riding takes the safety concerns associated with seeing and being seen to a new level.  Add the rain, which seem to like participating in motorcycle events even more than the riders, and visibility concerns increase exponentially.  To address these visibility concerns I have added LED lights to both ends of my bike.

Denali D4 Hybrid Flood/Spot

Riding on dark country roads with DENALI D4s is a unique experience.  D4 driving lights make all of difference when looking for animals, large & small, which can and do run out if front of us – or – the potholes typically found in areas of the country with both hot and cold weather – or – the low spots where water collects during the frequent southern downpours.    

Each four LED pod is equipped with two 60° elliptical flood lenses and two 10° spot beam lenses to create the ultimate hybrid beam pattern; a super wide close-range flood and a piercing spot beam in one housing.  On those dark country roads, the D4s light an area approximately 100 feet into the trees on both sides of the road and 550 feet in front of you.  That’s over 3 times further (and way wider) than your typical motorcycle high beam.  At 60 mph a 550 foot beam gives you 6.25 seconds to react to an obstacle once it becomes visible.  And – despite the amount of light they produce, the D4s are very conservative on power consumption.  Each lamp only uses 20 watts of power. 

Installing Denali D4s is a simple straight forward process.  The lights come with a fused harness with a switch already connected.  Simply run the harness forward from the battery.  the 2 light connectors plug into the short plugged wires from the lights and the wire with the switch goes to the handlebars.  Connect the hot and ground wires to the battery and you’re all set.  I connected mine to my power distribution module (see power post) but a direct connection to the battery is all that’s needed.

DENALI D4 Specs:

  • Pod Size: 3.9in square x 2.5in long
  • LED: (4x) 5 Watt CREE XP-G2
  • Beam Distance: 550ft
  • Input Voltage: 12v DC
  • Power Draw: 3amp per pair
  • Intensity: Single
  • Beam Angle: 10° lenses and 60° elliptical lenses
  • Waterproof: IP-68 (full immersion at 6.6ft for 60 minutes)
  • Can be mounted upside down or sideways*
  • Mount: Universal M8


  • 2 LED pods
  • Fused wiring harness
  • Switch

AdMore Sidemount Kit

Distracted or drowsy drivers at night can fail to recognize a motorcycle in front of them.  Especially in my case with my bike being Black/Gray, my panniers and top case being flat black and a small taillight tucked in amidst the cases.

To improve my chances of being seen by drivers behind me, I installed AdMore’s low-profile, universal light kits on my panniers and top case.  These AdMore lights can be mounted on just about any side case with a relatively flat surface. Each LED light array (5 1/2″ x 3/8″ x 1/8″ each) comes with high strength 3M tape for a quick and permanent installation and they have been designed with the wires exiting from the backside of the array so that no wires are visible after installation. 

Since the cases are removable, the AdMore light kits come with a two piece harness.  The secondary portion of the harness installs inside the case and provides a weather-sealed quick-connect socket on the exterior of the case.  The main portion of the harness connects to the bikes electrical system and provides lead(s), with quick connect plugs, which attach to the case’s sockets with a quarter-turn.  The mini controller embedded in the main harness fits neatly under your seat or behind the tail light assembly and allows you to connect the light kit to your bike or scooter’s tail light, brake light, and turn signals!

With both the top and side case kits you receive:

  • AdMore Lighting High Output LED Flush Mount Topcase Kit

    2 high-intensity LED light arrays (5 1/2″ x 3/8″ x 1/8″ each)

  • 1 mini controller (with turn signal functionality) embedded in main wire harness
  • Wiring, weatherproof quick-disconnect connectors, and detailed instructions

For use on:

…and other flat-sided hard luggage



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