The Void 12 Rally (Series)

The Void 12 Rally (Series)

Well, it’s official.  I have received confirmation of my successful completion of the 2 step registration process for The Void 12 motorcycle rally.

The Void will be my first official rally and will give me an opportunity to learn more about the type of long distance riding I will prefer going forward.  I already know that I thoroughly enjoy sponsored certificate rides.  These are SS1K or BBG rides which:

  • Are run by the IBA or a similar group.
  • Generally provide a predefined route.
  • Give you destinations you need to photograph in sequence.
  • Perform scoring and certificate presentation the same day the ride finishes. 

Other types of rides I have yet to try include:

  • Ride To Eat (RTE), where you ride one or two states away and meet similar participants at a predefined location for lunch and socializing.
  • Self-managed SS1K, BBG, 50cc, etc. rides, which are solitary rides, for which you receive certificates after submitting evidence of your ride via snail-mail.
  • Rallies, my first of which I am going to undertake and document in The Void 12 Rally (Series). 

Rallies present the rider with many challenges.  They typically:

  • Are similar to a scavenger hunt for bonus locations/items.
  • Require riders to acquire points by visiting bonus locations or gathering bonus items.
  • Have a FAR larger list of bonus locations/items than can possibly be visited/obtained in the time allotted.
  • Have a wide range of point values assigned to bonus locations/items.
  • Require riders to select the bonus locations/items to visit/obtain and plan a route to acquire the bonus points.
  • Include checkpoints that must be visited within specified date/time windows.
  • Include rest periods, available within a specified date/time window, with point values to encourage riders to stop and rest.
  • Provide the rider with a very short timeframe in which to complete location/item selection and route planning, before rally start.
  • Require the rider to ride the plan, document visits to bonus locations, and obtain bonus items.
  • Are MOST POINTS WINS events.
  • Are highly anticipated by all who are aware of them.

Rallies frequently:

  • Are multi-day events.
  • Cover significant distances.
  • Have a theme for the bonus locations/items
  • Have banquets before, after or both.

While much of the process of collecting bonus points will be like the location documentation steps in the Zaddle Zore 1000 I completed earlier this year, the Void will be my first official rally.  

Within The Void 12 Rally (Series) posts I will cover several aspects of the rally experience.  These will include:

  • Bike Setup.
  • Rider Gear.
  • Rally Documents
  • Route Planning Tools.
  • Rally Strategy
  • Rally Events (Meetings, Banquets, Socializing, etc.)
  • Interesting People, Places & Things
  • Results & Take-Aways.

Hopefully you will follow my journey Into The Void…  The Void 12 Rally that is.

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